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Imp. 1988:
N S Ch Lythwood Smoke Screen "Skippi"
(GB Ch Lythwood Scrabble, BB, ex
Lythwood Sarah Jane, fam. 3) sable.
Born 12th July 1986.
He was ill with cancer and died in August'89.
Breeder: Mr Derek Rigby, England.

At Shows: resCC in England. 4xCACIB - 3xBOB - 1x1BIG - 1x2BIG.  In the NSSK's show competition "Most winning Sheltie of the year" Skippi was the winner in 1989.

"Skippi" who died of cancer before he had stayed in Norway one year,
sired a dual CC-winner in one of his three litters:
1) Leeland Golden Dragoon (ex Leeland Golden Lollipop) two CC's

"Skippi's" pedigree:



GB Ch Lythwood Spruce


GB Ch Lythwood Seanymph

GB Ch Lythwood Saga

Lythwood Spree

Heathlow Harvest Time
at Lythwood

Lythwood Tar Baby

Lythwood Sarah Jane

GB Ch Lythwood Sky Master


Lythwood Sugar Plum of Heathlow

GB Ch Sandpiper of Sharval

Lythwood Snaffey

GB Ch Lythwood Brandy Snap

Heathlow Corn Dolly Lythwood