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British bred - Norwegian owned - from 1954 to 2001
Norwegian owned CC-winners  1955 - 2005
The Charts Lines and Families with all the above CC winners 1955 - 2000

Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club's Handbooks
Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club's Breeders-guide

British bred - Norwegian owned - 1954-2001
Written by Aud Jorun Lie - Leeland Shetland Sheepdogs - Norway (copyright pr 01.10.2001)

I have written this article to tell about British bred Shelties who has been imported to Norway. I have only mentioned CC-winning imports or imports who have CC winning offsprings. This is a complete account to my knowledge. The show-history in Norway starts with Riverhill Red Ember in 1954 and continues with many other well known prefixes.

Shelties imported 1954-1969

Shelties imported 1970-1975

Shelties imported 1976-1980

Shelties imported 1981-1985

Shelties imported 1986-1990

Shelties imported 1991-2000

Shelties imported 2001-2002

Below you get some informations about the different titles and how to win them .......

Champion in different countries:
N Ch = Norwegian Champion
S Ch = Swedish Champion
Fin Ch = Finnish Champion
DK Ch = Danish Champion

Nordic Ch = Champion in three nordic countries.
(Example: N Ch + S Ch + Fin Ch = Nordic Ch)

NV = Norwegian Winner (+ the year the title is gained)
NordV = Nordic Winner (+ the year the title is gained)
SV = Swedish Winner (+ the year the title is gained)
FinV = Finnish Winner (+ the year the title is gained)

Int Ch = International Champion
CACIB counts for this title (can be won only at internationale shows).

The Rules for a Norwegian owned Sheltie to win the titles:
The rules has been changes during the years - below they are updated pr 2000.

N Ch: Three times CC (cert in Norway) won under three different judges. The last CC has to be won after the dog is 24 months. One of the CC's have to be won at a NKK Int Show or a show that have this "big Cert".

S Ch: When a Norwegian owned Sheltie has won the title N Ch olny one CC in Sweden are needed to gaine the title Swedish Champion.

Fin Ch or DK Ch: Same rules as for the Swedish title mentioned above.

Int Ch: CACIB won in at least three different countries. It has to be at least four CACIB and they has to be won under different judges. To win a CACIB the dog has to be at least 15 months. It has to be at least "a year and one day" between the first and the last CACIB. The dog-owner has to get this title official from the Norwegian Kennel Klub who in turn get it confirmd by FCI in Belgium.

Aud Jorun Lie has made 6 Handbooks about the breed - the first book was presented in 1971, and since then she has made a Handbook every 5th year. If you are interested you can order NSSKs Handbooks from the Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club's Minimarket.

  Even not being familiar with our Norwegian language you will understand quite a lot from these books. You will find photos and pedigrees of all the Norwegian-owned CC-winners for the five years each book is representing. The owners of the CC-winners do not pay for this presentations, so all the CC-winners are there.

The CC-winners are traced back to about the year 1900 on both the sire-side (Line) and the dam-side (Family). You will also find a very useful register in these books: All Shelties mentioned are listed and given the number of the pages where they are mentioned.

As the breed club in Norway was founded in 1964 these 6 Handbooks tells about the whole Sheltie-history in our country.

  Aud Jorun Lie has also edited a breeders-guide for the Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club. (The guide is made for Norwegian readers.) The information in this book gives good advices conserning the bitch before - under and after she has whelped, and of course the advices continues until the puppies are old enough to leave for their new homes. Aud Jorun has used a lot of her Sheltie-drawings in this little book.

The guide (NSSKs Oppdretterguide) is requested by a lot of Sheltie-breeders, and even breeders who have other breeds.

You can order "NSSKs Oppdretterguide" from the Norwegian Shetland Sheepdog Club's Minimarket.