Shelties in England 2005

Nothern Countries SSC Ch Show - 2. April 2005
Judges: Mrs G Richardson (dogs) and Mrs J Scott (bitches).

BIS Evad Magic Jade JW
resBIS Maryville Star Turn
BOS Int Fin S Est Luw Ch Shelgate Midnight Magic
BIS-Puppy Lythwood Sacha
resBis-Puppy  Evad Summer Blush at Lochkaren JW
BIS-veteran Ch Hartmere Hallmarked

Minor Puppy Dog
1st Mohnesee Timekeeper
2nd Myriehewe Class Act
3rd Future Breeze


Puppy Dog
1st Lythwood Terriwood Stormy Nite
2nd Japaro By Design
3rd Philhope Lady Killer
Res Rannerdale Shadow Blaster
VHC Ellenyorn Private Benjamin

Junior Dog
1st Blazecroft O'Danny Boy at Emmaview
2nd Rannerdale Alfie Moon
3rd Nethercroft Loveable Imp at Shatay JW
Res Orean Freeloader
VHC Doonelodge Dancing Storm

Maiden Dog
1st Mohnesee Timekeeper
2nd Doonelodge Dancing Storm
3rd Emmaview JJ Wish upon a Star


Novice Dog
1st Lythwood Sacha (BPD)
2nd Philhope Lady Killer
3rd Ellenyorn Private Benjamin
Res Scrimwood Starlight at Silvaquest

Yearling Dog
1st Daisyway Daydream Believer JW
2nd Amethrickeh Prince Shani
3rd Ellenyorn Classic Event
Res Cauniehill Single Malt
VHC Orean Freeloader

Post Graduate Dog
1st Cresteak Call Me Bond at Fernfrey JW
2nd Bleatarn Starsign JW
3rd Gairlow the Contender
Res Ellenyorn Dark Raider
VHC Highbrook Harlequin

Limit Dog
1st Sterndale Moon Illusion for Amethrickeh
2nd Baishel Catch the Dream
3rd Rannerdale King of the Road at Shandawn
Res Shelmyth Special Envoy
VHC Esstremere Tri for a Star

Open Dog
1st Int Fin S Est Luw Ch Shelgate Midnight Magic (CC)
2nd Shatay Dellas Little Fella
3rd Japaro Special Agent
Res Highbrook Hi Tech
VHC Esstremere Tri for a Star

Veteran Dog
1st Ch Hartmere Hallmarked (resCC)
2nd Highbrook Havoc
3rd Smiddyshaw Bluzy Blue
Res Ch. Maryville Parahandy
VHC Riggsbeck Boldheart

Sable/White Dog
1st Calambray Castaway
2nd Japaro Shotgun of Lochkaren JW
3rd Rannerdale the Playboy
Res Shelmyth Special Envoy
VHC Maryville Sunrise at Wetherbye

Blue Merle Dog
1st Ch. Shelridge Wishmaster JW
2nd Omebrid Gandale Blue


Tricolour Dog
1st Francehill Total Eclipse
2nd Corinden Mista Midnite with Omebrid ShCm
3rd Kenzed Moonlight Boy at Ludjenka
Res Scimwood Starlight at Silvaquest
VHC Tarquin Gold

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Dunbeck Summer Storm at Rowancrest
2nd Calambray Angels Spell
3rd Degallo Legally Blonde
Res Fearnach Summer Rose with Shannmie
VHC Seaval Tabitha for Rainway

Puppy Bitch
1st Evad Sommer Blush of Lochkaren JW (BPB)
2nd Philhope Leading Lady
3rd Ellenyorn Special Promise
Res Elanmore Ivy Benson
VHC Alwillans Bright Moment

Junior Bitch
1st Castlerose Blithe Spirit JW
2nd Glensanda Genevieve
3rd Doonelodge Dancing Rain
Res Avonbank Danielle
VHC Viewdale Special Dancer

Maiden Bitch
1st Philhope Divine Angel
2nd Glensanda Genevieve
3rd Shellthorn Bonnie Lass
Res Emmaview Gemini Blue
VHC Ribbleholme Goldensilk at Bramblecroft

Novice Bitch
NB 1st Philhope Leading Lady
2nd Dunbeck Summer Storm at Rowancrest
3rd Glensanda Genevieve
Res Alwillans Bright Moment
VHC Fearnach Summer Rose with Shannmie

Yearling Bitch
1st Evad Magic Jade JW (B.C.C.)
2nd Francehill Ice Maiden
3rd Edglonian Kiss N Tell
Res Avonbank Special Edition
VHC Eljetia Queen Bee

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Creasteak Claudia Chiffon JW
2nd Nethercroft Summer Love
3rd Brookclose Forget Me Not
Res Ballygores Bett at epperhill
VHC Penvean Briars Mist at Mossvale

Limit Bitch
1st Maryville Star Turn (R.C.C.)
2nd Degallo Look At Me JW
3rd Katiedale Sugar N Spice
Res Shetlo Island of Dreams
VHC Orean Tartan Teaser

Open Bitch
1st Blenmerrow Melveen Mona Lisa
2nd Ellenyorn Maid to Love
3rd Amethrickehs Magic Mirror
Res Shetlo Pocketful of Deams
VHC Degallo Smarty Pants

Veteran Bitch
1st Nenebank Star Promise
2nd Ch. Rannerdale Anastasia at Silvergill
3rd Alwillans Crystal Blue JW
Res Ch. Rannerdale Red Velvet
VHC Jaelis Mystique Serenade

Sable/White Bitch
1st Orean Miss Assertive
2nd Shelridge Sunshimmer JW
3rd Philhope First Lady JW
Res Blazecroft Sorcerers Spell
VHC Rannerdale Royal Flush

Blue Merle Bitch
1st Castlerose Blithe Spirit JW
2nd Penvean Briars Mist at Mossvale
3rd Iliad Isadored at Glencharm
Res Clanvine Blue Sapphire
VHC Rivvalee Blue Sceptre of Clanvine

Tricolour Bitch
1st Sheltisha Black Widow
2nd Eljetia Gypsy Queen at Chalynwood
3rd Jaelis Mystique Serenade
Res Ballygores Bett at Pepperhill