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  Here you can see what some of the well known Sheltie people say about this video

The Video "British breeders and British shows 1972 - 2000" have now been made as a DVD and this is also showing more of the Sheltie historie in England as the years 2001 - 2005 is added.

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British breeders and British shows 1972 - 2005"
made by Aud Jorun & Helge Lie - Leeland Shelties - Norway
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This 6 hours DVD shows many famous dogs and wellknown Sheltie kennels in Britain during more than 30 years.

We have visited Britain regularly and during our visits we have taken film and video at shows and breeders we have visited. We have been to Crufts nearly every year since 1972 and on this DVD you will find cuts from 18 of these years.

Our Shelties has changed as time has passed. Thanks to the many responsible breeders who through the years carefully have taken care of the breed and kept the Sheltie up to the Standard.

Our main reason for making this DVD is to give an attribute to the cultural history of our breed. We hope old and new breeders both in England and in the rest of the world will find this DVD worth seeing.

The DVD has been put together from amateur films and videos and the quality could have been better. We hope you will overlook this when we take you into all the kennels and shows.

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To your information the price per copy incl. postage is
NOK 350,-  in the Nordic countries and also in Europe.  NOK 400,- outside Europe

Payment has to be done to: Helge Lie, Blaakollveien 6, 1472 Fjellhamar, Norway
Bank acount 1628.10.69792  Union Bank of Norway; swiftcode: DNBANOKK
IBAN NO22 1628 1069 792

Here you can see
what some of the well known Sheltie people said about the video:

Mrs Jan Moody - Janetstown Shetland Sheepdogs - Hon. Vice President of the English Shetland Sheepdog Club: "I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed you video ! I have only just had time to run it through and enjoyed every minute of it ! I was sure that it was not 3 hours because the time went so quickly because I was so engrossed. Well Done and I hope it will be a great success."

Miss Mary Davis - Monkswood Shetland Sheepdogs - President of the English Shetland Sheepdog Club: "I love the video. You know it must be unique. We have lots of slides & photos, but I don't know of any film of the old breeders & their dogs. It is a most valuable record of breed history in Britain & we must all be very grateful to you for presenting it. Thank you so much !"

Mr Roy Pearson - Edglonian Shetland Sheepdogs: "I just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed seeing your video. On the first viewing I was with Derek Smith (the show judge) seeing your video. We both declared how much we enjoyed it. When Debbie come home from work she put it on again and she did not have her tea until late into the evening she was so captivated. ...On wednesday, I thought I would just have a quick look at the early part again and found that I was watching into the early hours of the morning. Thank god I have seen and digested it, I cannot keep stopping up all night at my age."

Mrs Margaret Dobson - Doshell Shetland Sheepdogs - Hon Secretary of the Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club: "I have only had time to look at just One Hour of your video and it had me nearly in tears ! To see all of those lovely Shelties has made me realise what we have lost in head quality. I know that there are some very good heads, but so many have the two-piece and strong skulls. I think you have dome a very good job and I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the video."

Maurice and Sheila Baker - Shemaur Shetland Sheepdogs - South Africa: "We couldn't wait to start watching the video, and we must say you have done a great job. We both had rather damp eyes seeing all the old dogs and friends, Kari in particular, and sad to see as the video goes those of us that are left getting older, fatter and more wrinkled - though we must say you haven't changed too much Aud Jorun!! It was so good to remember those happy days and we think you have made a wonderful contribution to the history of the breed - a unique record which can be seen in years to come and thankfully those dedicated people like the Rogers and Herberts etc. will not be forgotten. We was horrified when someone on the List asked about the Riverhill kennel name. It doesn't seem possible that such a famous kennel could be unknown to anyone in the breed, but thanks to your video they can be brought to life again for newcomers to the breed and their contribution to Shelties will not
be forgotten.
We thanks you for acknowledging Maurice, and we both feel you can be justly proud of your efforts in making this wonderful record of the breed, which we know we will be watching often."

Mrs Barbara Thornley - Felthorn Shetland Sheepdogs - wrote in Dog World's Breeders Note 01.12.2000: "Those at the ESSC show and the conference will have heard about the video, which has been producted by Helge Lie from Norway. Helge and his wife Aud Jorun have been visitors to our shows since the early '70s and each time they visit they record the shows on video. They also visited various breeders at the same time, so the video is a wonderful record of dogs and breeders from '72 to the present day.

For those who are a bit longer in the tooth, it is a very nostalgic trip back through the years, seeing well known faces like Patience and Felicity Rogers, Joan and Beryl Herbert, Mrs Fishpool, Bill and Rita Henry, Peggy Ure, the Moorwood family, who bred the Sumburgh Shelties, and so many other breeders who have played such an important part in the developement of this breed. Not only the breeders but also the dogs.

Helge visited Shelert when there were at least 100 dogs in the kennels, all happily playing in the paddock, with Joan and Beryl pointing out the many famous champions which are just pictured in books to many people. The Riverhills can be seen running freely across the lawns at Knockbridge, and the Rhinogs enjoying the freedom of their lovely home on the moors in Devon.

There were some shots taken at Lythwood with Derek looking very young and dashing with a head of dark hear, while Phyllis looks equally young and attractive in her mini skirt ! After nearly 30 years quite a lot has changes, but sadly many of the dogs have gone. This video is a great way of keeping us in touch with an important era in the breed's history."