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Import from England, April 2000

N Ch
Stornaway Sunlit Rose
born 09.06.1999.
Eyetested: Clear
36 cm.
Died of cancer in June 2013

Breeder: Betty Gibbens -
Stornaway Shetland Sheepdogs


CC in Norway 16.09.2001, CC in Norway 30.09.2001, CC in Norway 07.10.2001

Mother of CC-winners:
Leeland Online With Charm (sire: N Ch NV96'98'02 Kindergate the Joker) CC
Leeland Peace Rose (sire: N Ch Leeland the Golden Viking) two CC
(Leeland Peace Rose is grandmother of Leeland Rosemary CC

...and Grandmother of CC-winners:
NW07 N Ch Leeland Queen In Starshine
(Shelridge Starmaker ex Leeland Online With Charm)
GB Ch Nord Ch Leeland Queen Of Art (Shelridge Starmaker ex Leeland Online With Charm)

Leeland Quarterback (Shelridge Starmaker ex Leeland Online With Charm) two CC
Leeland Copper Coin
(Shelridge Starmaker ex Leeland Orange And Lemons) CC in 2011. 
He is the sire of N Ch Leeland New Wish Ch 2012 (ex Leeland Make A Wish 2CC
going many generations back to N Ch Sumburgh Witch Hazel GBimp 1976)

...and N Ch Stornaway Sunlit Rose is Great Grandmother of CC-winner
Leeland Rosemary
(Mellsjøhøgda's Quite A Dancer  ex  Leeland Yummy Rose
(Shelridge Starmaker ex Leeland Peace Rose 2CC (N Ch Leeland The Golden Viking ex
N Ch Stornaway Sunlit Rose) CC

 Leeland Copper Coin "Copper"

Photo in sept 2011 by Sofie Wollbraaten
Click here for Copper's pedigree (stamtavle)  Offspring/Avkom
Born 02.08'08. Line BB. Family 9. 38 cm.
BOB-Junior at NSSKs Show August 09. CC at NCKs Show 06.11.11.
Breeder/Owner: Aud Jorun and Helge Lie,Norway.
Eyetested clear CEA (as a puppy) and clear PRA: 17.02.2010 and 23.03.2011 and 16.04.2012 and 17.04.2013
and 23.05.2014 and 16.02.2016 and 02.03.2017. 
02.11.09: Free of hip dysplasia HD (Result: A).  Full dentition.

"Copper have these CC winning children:
N Ch Leeland New Wish (ex Leeland Make A Wish) Ch 10.06.2012
2) Hasimo's Freelancer
(ex N Ch Lyngvetun's Dame Emma) CC 08.09.2013
3) Rødsbråten's Endless Joy (ex Rødsbråten's Black Beauty For Me) CC 09.07.2017

          Pedigree for "Rosie"

at Shelridge
Marklin Espree
GB Ch Lythwood Sky Master
Marklin Dorothea
GB Ch Jazzman of Janetstown
 Marklin Wild Rose
Shelridge Haywire
GB Ch Haytimer of Hanburyhill at Hartmere
Shelridge Soothsayer
Corn Dolly
Forestland Crofter
Stationhill Sweet'N'Special
Trivial Pursuit
Milesend Monopoly GB Ch Forestland Target
Diomed Immortal
Milesend Precious Moment GB Ch Haytimer of Hanburyhill at Hartmere
Monkswood Magic Flute of Milesend
GB Ch Stornaway Sally Brown Stornaway Shambles GB Ch Shelridge Haywire
Stornaway Springtime
Shelridge Psyche at Stornaway Glencharm Geomancer
Shelridge Rare Amusement