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Imp 1981:
Int Nord Ch NordV84
Mondurle's Bannock "Rosco"
(GB Ch Francehill Andy Pandy, BB, ex Stationhill Yolanda, fam. 9)
sable. Size 39 cm.
Born 26th June 1979. Died 1993.
Breeder Mrs M Duralski, England.
(She and her family moved later on to America.)

At Shows: 12xCACIB - 20xBOB - 2x1BIS&1BIG - 1x1BIS -
1x2BIS&1BIG - 2x1BIG - 1x2BIG - 3x3BIG - 4x4BIG.
In the NSSK's show competition "Most winning Sheltie of the year"
Rosco was the winner in 1981, 1982, 1983 and 1984.
8 times he got "Prize of Honour" for progeny classes.

"Rosco's" pedigree:

Andy Pandy

GB Ch Francehill Persimon

Francehill Frangipani

GB Ch Jefsfire Freelancer

xGB Ch Francehill Pin-Up

GB Ch Francehill Beach Boy

Francehill Edelweis



Stationhill Red Goddess

GB Ch Hildlane Winters Night

Shelridge Daytripper

GB Ch Lythwood Brandy Snap

Stationhill Karisma

"Rosco" sired these CC-winners:
1) Int N S Ch Leeland Ring-around- a-rosy (ex N Ch Leeland Ring My Chanel)
2) N Ch Leeland Cover Girl
(ex N SF Ch Leeland Keep the Stage)
3) N Ch Leeland Golden Gate
(ex N SF Ch Leeland Golden Lulubelle)
4) N Ch Leeland Four Leaf Clover
(ex N Ch Leeland Hazelnut)
5) N S Ch Leeland Ringflirt
(ex N Ch Leeland Ring My Chanel)
6) N Ch NordV87 Leeland Celebration
(ex N Ch Leeland Cover Girl)
7) N Ch Willownut Heartbraker
(ex Lady)
8) N Ch Willownut Copper Tuch
(ex Lady)
9) N Ch Willownut Moon Shadow
(ex Lady)
10) N Ch Lucky Hill's Taking A Chance
(ex Lucky Hill's Radiant Rose)
11) N Ch Skarnland Count On Me
(ex N Ch Skarnland Shiba Bianca)
12) N S Ch Bøengen's Amulette
(ex Thoco's Funny Flower)
13) N Ch Lady Malu
(ex Dunhill's Little Eliza)
14) N Ch Skarnland Dancing Diana
(ex N Ch Skarnland Shiba Bianca)
15) N Ch Macheather's Hanna
(ex Lythwood Snowflake)
16) N Ch Lucky Hill's United To Me
(ex N Ch Lucky Hill's Klondike)
17) N Ch Balgavie's Arrogant
(ex Macheather Emanuelle)
18) N Ch Thoco's Zodiac
(ex N Ch Thoco's Unique Image)
19) N Ch Northway's Charlie Brown
(ex Int NS Ch NV88 Woodshelter's Wishfull Zaza)
20) N Ch Northway's Little Girly
(litter sister to Ch N Charlie Brown)
21) SF Ch Willownut Key To My Heart
(ex Lady) exported as a puppy to Finland
22) SF Ch Willownut Midnight Angel
(ex Lady) exported as a puppy to Finland
23) N SF Ch Doing Very Well
(ex SF Ch Moorwood Gleaming Belle) in Finland
24) SF Ch Karaaten Ringin
(ex Angel) in Finland
25) SCh Shezadun Great Gratitude
(ex SF S Ch Westpark Golden Cherie) in Finland
26) S Ch Eastdale Endless Golden Pearl
(ex S Ch Westpark Bronze Margery) Sweden
27) SF Ch Shezadun Giggle Geter
(ex S FS Ch Westpark Golden Cherie) Finland
28) Lady Diana
(ex Ma Griffe) CC
29) Bøengen's Amarantha
(ex Thoco's Funny Flower) CC
30) Lucky Hill's Up To Date
(ex N Ch Lucky Hill's Klondike) 3xCC
31) Lucky Hill's Unique
(ex N Ch Lucky Hills Klondike) CC
32) Bonny Kvicky
(ex My Lady) CC
33) Skarnland Bonny My Love
(ex N Ch Judi) CC
34) Dazzle Dahlia
(ex Beauty Blossom) 3xCC
35) Willownut Nutcracker
(ex Lady) CC
36) Bajazzo
(ex Lucky Hill's Key To My Heart) 2xCC
37) Lejk's Honey Suskle Rose
(ex N Ch Lejk's Granny Favourite Geisha) CC
38) Woodshelter's Sito Midnight Sun
(ex Sunborne Midnight Bang) CC
39) Mona Lisa Chellie
(ex Ma Griffe) CC
40) Woodshelter's Cream Caramel
(ex Beauty Carina) 2xCC
41) Willownut New Wave
(ex Lady) 2 x CC
42) Lindell's Chestnut
(ex Lindell's Let The Sunshine In) CC
43) Gildebergs Daisy
(ex Gildebergs Another Black Rose) CC
44) Bøengen's Kremona
(ex Bøengen's Gwendoline) 4xCC
45) Punky Girl av Missebo
(ex N Ch Vi-Ti-Bo's Little Princess) CC
46) Lucille's Little Shooting Star
(ex About Eight Surprises) CC
47) Shelgate Nichlas Nicolby
(ex Shelgate Dad's Delight) 2xCC (Swedish)
48) Shelgate Noble Norseman
(ex Shelgate Dad's Delighet) 2xCC (Swedish)
49) S Lch Shelgate No Nonsens
(ex Shelgate Dad's Delight) CC (Swedish)
50) Crony's Shades of Magic
(ex Cronys Touch Of Sun) 2xCC (Swedish)