PEDIGREE for Shelridge Starmaker "Paris":

Puppies by "Paris"

Blenmerrow Barnaby Shelridge Socrates Marklin Wandasson at Shelridge GB Ch Marklin Espree GB Ch Lythwood Sky Master
Marklin Dorothea
Marklin Wanda GB Ch Jazzman of Janetstown
Marklin Wild Rose
Shelridge Sylphide  GB Ch Sheldrige Haywire GB Ch Haytimer of Hanburyhill at Hartmere
Shelridge Soothsayer
 Stationhill Corn Dolly Forestland Crofter
Stationhill Sweet'N'Special
Blenmerrow Belinda GB Ch Scylla Apollonia GB Ch
Willow Tarn Telstar
Moonraker from Mistmere
Willow Tarn Tea Dance
Scylla Fairy Footsteps GB Ch Scylla Scottish Rifte
Shelridge Gypsy Queen of Scylla
Blenmerrow Butterfly GB Ch Lythwood
Sky Master
GB Ch Sandpiper of Sharval
Lythwood Snaffey
Scylla Golden Slipper at Blenmerrow GB Ch Blenmerrow Brewmaster
Scylla Fairy Footsteps
GB Ch Shelridge Sunshimmer
JW BOB at Crufts 2006

Link to her photopage


GB Ch Shelridge Summerspell Shelridge Socrates Marklin Wandasson at Shelridge GB Ch Marklin Espree
Marklin Wanda
Shelridge Sylphide GB Ch Shelridge Haywire
Stationhill Corn Dolly
GB Ch Shelridge Sunflower Samertri Sunkelp at Shelridge GB Ch Lirren Hashbrown
Shelridge Dream Music at Samertri
Stationhill Corn Dolly Forestland Crofter
Stationhill Sweet'N'Special
Shelridge Hope Springs at Nutbox GB Ch
Herds The Helmsman
GB Ch Tegwel Wild Ways of Sandwick GB Ch Lythwood Sky Master
Marklin Wild Gypsy at Tegwel
Herds Hot Gossip Herds Hansard
Herds Heliantha
Sheltysham Mad Money GB Ch Shelridge Haywire GB Ch Haytimer of Hanburyhill at Hartmere
Shelridge Soothsayer
Sheltysham Costalot Nitelife Rothschild
Befriended at Sheltysham


Link to Tiakaro's Freya Dark Jewel  Link to Sheltifarmen's litter by Paris Link to some Paris litters at Leeland
Link to some other Paris puppies  Link to Paris daughter Mandy in Sweden

"Paris'" son: Li Line’s Dreams Of Stardom ( ex PM Quality’s Star Of Jericho) owner/breeder Linda Ivarsson,Sweden.
At his first show 30.09.12 (FKKs Int at Åland in Finland) he was 2:best Dog with resCC and resCACIB. The Judge was Jens Myrman.

"Paris'" son: Tim-Tim's Xit 4ever at NSSKs Show 13.08.2011 with the result Excellent

17.01.09: Tim-Tim's Xit 4ever
(Shelridge Starmaker ex Tim-Tim's Happy July)
born 02.03.08

Tim-Tim's Xit 4ever with his handler Britt Pinnerud at
NSSKs Christmas Show 11.12.2010
where he was plased 3best dog in open class with ck


Tiakaro's Freya Dark Jewel (Shelridge Starmaker ex Tiakaro's Aglaia Dark Jewel)
CC at Trondheim Hundefestival 29.08.09 judge Robin Searle, England (photo left)
CC in Denmark 27.11.10 judge Christine Aaron, CC at Vestnes 08.07.12 judge Helge Lie, 
Photo below: CC at Gullvåg 26.08.12, judge Jenny Martin, England

NSSKs CC Show at Gulvåg: BOB CC Tiakaro's Freya Dark Jewel and
BOS CC La-Min-So's Count On Me by Leeland Quarterback (a son of "Paris") ex La-Min-So's Sweet Lady)

Tiakaro's Freya Dark Jewel
Lundamo 30.08.08

Tiakaro's Freya Dark Jewel BOB Puppy at NSSK's Show
at Lundamo 30.08.08 Judge Brian Hull, England

Tiakaro's For Your Eyes
"Musse" at 7 months

Tiakaro's For Your Eyes
"Musse" at 3 months

Tiakaro's For Your Eyes
"Musse" Juni 2009

The Tiakaro litter by Paris - photo 2008 at 8 weeks : From left Tiakaro's For Your Eyes, Tiakaro's Flora Golden Dream,
Tiakaro's Flight To Paris and Tiakaro's Freya Dark Jewel - their mother is Tiakaro's Aglaia Dark Jewel

Cindy at Oppdal 19.06

Cindy at Røros 11.06

Sheltifarmen's Cindy (ex Sheltibo's Hot Feeling) CC 29.05.11 and CC BIR at Røros Hundeklubb's utstilling 11.06.11
and CC BIM at Oppdal Hundeklubb's utstilling 19.06.11

 October 2008: A litter at Sheltiefarmen by Paris - at 5,5 weeks - from left: Dog 1, 2 and 3, next the sable bitch and the tricolour bitch.


   in August 2008

From left: "Cindy" at 10 months - and two photos of "Chica" at 10 months showen by Nathalie


 "Cindy" and "Cesar" 12 weeks old

"Chica" - photo taken 29.Sept'07



06.08.07: The two pictures above left shows a 5 weeks old bitch "Cindy" by "Paris" bred at Sheltifarmen
it was 6 in the litter and above you see one of the boys "Cesar".
Framed on the right "Chica" (9 weeks) who went to Flaming Feet in Sweden.

 Octeber 2008: 9 weeks old - Leeland Copper Coin - his mother is litter sister to L Online With Charm (mother of the litter below)

Five puppies born 26.07.05 (Shelridge Starmaker ex Leeland Online With Charm), Photo at 7 weeks - from left: 2 bitches and 3 dogs.  Follow the whole litter from 8 weeks on this link  and look also at "Show News"

Puppies (3dogs, 1 tricolour  2 sable) - born 11.04.05  (Shelridge Starmaker ex Kalvehagens Bonny) Photo shows "Bajas"

April 2007; Bajas and Marlin !

31.08.07:  5 weeks old dog "Rambo"
by Paris ex Applestone Pretty Titil Jenny
(1.096 gram at 5 weeks)

3 bitches, photo at 8 weeks - born 28.03.05
(Shelridge Starmaker ex Leeland My Black Pearl)

6/7-2004 born in Sweden: Two tricolour bitchpuppies by Shelridge Starmaker ex Seamoor Melanie C, breeder Gudrun Hortell, Sunnangården Shelties, Sweden. The photo on the left shows Sunnangårdens Moe "Mandy" 9 weeks old, owner Taina Axelsson - Chiroskas Shelties - Sweden Mandy" won BOS-Puppy at Sheltiespecialen in Fyris, Uppsala, Sweden 12.2.05.

  2 x CC

The first litter by Shelridge Starmaker ex Seavall Truthful About Shelridge (tric).  Born 12.05.2003 - bred by Mrs Christine Aaron, Shelridge Shelties, England. 2 dogs and 3 bitches (3 sable and 2 tric). Eyetested as puppies all clear.

One of the bitches
Shelridge Starshine "Phoebe"


Paris-daughter "Phoebe"
Shelridge Starshine,
nearly 6 months

Paris' grandchildren "Sassi" and "Horace" in England -
by Shelridge Socrates ex Shelridge Starshine "Phoebe"