PEDIGREE for N UCh Lythwood Scrumpy Jack "Flyn":  Offsprings (avkom)

Moonlight Black Magic


Follyfox Firecracker
Int Nord GB Ch Reubicia Blue Flame at Ruscombe (bm) Ruscombe Pipe Major Glenmist Future Vision  (s)
Ruscombe Majorette
Reubicia Blue Rose GB Ch Reubicia Orion
Reubicia Silber Sensation
Follyfox Falcon Lady (t)  Jefsfire Jayare Jefsfire Sweepstake of Joyvil
Illiad Innocent Love of Jefsfire
Janluth Justina GB Ch Midnitesun Justin Time  (s)
Janluth Farina
Morestyle Fleur de Noel of Terriwood
Black Comet (t)
Felthorn Pipe Down Rockaround Star Piper
Felthorn Glenela
Morestyle Fashion Model GB Ch Felthorn Beachcomber
GB Ch Felthorn Lady Luck of Morestyle
Lady In Clover (bm)
GB Ch Pepperhill Blue Fizz (bm) Solata Jet Set
Royal Sheena of Hilmisk
GB Ch Felthorn Lady Luck at Morestyle Shelbrok Moonlighting
Felthorn Marionette
Lythwood Spritzer of Terriwood
Brilyn Hellraiser at Tegwel (s) GB Ch Tegwel Toyboy at Chrisarion (s) Tegwel Smudge at Tumberly Yewdale Golden Flash
Tegwel Seed Pearl
Marklin Wild Gypsy at Tegwel Marklin Cinnamon
Marklin Wanda
Classy Lady (s)
Yewdale Golden Flame Yewdale Golden Flash
Yewdale Gypsy Princess
Brilyn Temptation Lythwood Skylight at Tegwel  (s)
Brilyn Polly Flinders
Lythwood She's So Lucky (s) GB Ch
Keltiehope Harvester
Exbury Yorick Westaglow Torchlight
Exbury Wistful
Keltiehope Honeybunch Willow Tarn Tradition  (s)
GB Ch Forestland Target  (s)
Society Miss (s)
GB Ch Lythwood Steptoe (s) GB Ch Lythwoos Scrabble  (s)
Lythwood Sea Urchin  (s)
Secret Love (s)
GB Ch Lythwood Sky Master  (s)
Lythwood Token (t)

Flynn's CC-winning daughter Leeland Make A Wish
(ex Leeland Moonshine) Moss Hundeklubb 26.07.09


Flynn's CC-winning daughter Kathimer's Coco Chanel
(ex N Fin Ch Kelroe's Fabolous Attention)
NSSKs utst Saltstraumen 09

Photo by Karin Põiklägu
"Lucky" EST Ch Leeland Inkpower son of N Ch Lythwood Scrumpy Jack ex N Ch NV07 Leeland Queen In Starshine
Born 11.03.2009. Line BB, Family 9.
Height 37 cm. 
Eyetested clear CEA as a puppy. Eye examined clear of genetic eye diseases (PRA,CEA,RD) 13.02.12
Free of hip/elbow dysplasia - result: AA/00, patella 0/0.  Full dentition.

Owner: Katrin Riska, Tallinn, Estonia

Flynn's CC-winning son Goldmine's Xiting Exxon (ex Frostice Xiting Personality)
CC winner at NKKs Int Show at Hamar 23.11.08 and CC at NDK in Letohallen 29.12.08.

Flynn's daughter Havly's Blooming Hope
"Gaia" at 6 months
her mother is Havly's A New Hope
owner/breeder kennel Havly

2008: Kathimer Britney Spears "Anna"
her mother is N Fin Ch Kelroe's Fabolous Attention
Anna's breeder kennel Kathimer / owner kennel Havly

Flynn's daughter Eagerminnd Saeta Blandita "Silma" 8,5 weeks and on the right 7 months - 34,5 cm high -
her mother is N UCh Andvaka Solaris breeder/owner Caroline Mauseth


Flynn's son "Cowboy" 8 weeks old
his mother is N UCh Kelroe's Fabolous Attention - breeder Kennel Kathimer


--Photo of these four puppies bred by Tirawa's Shelties
--was taken at 6 weeks. From left: Tirawa's Chick Rules,
--Tirawa's Rebellious Chick, Tirawa's Whoppa Hot Chick
--and Tirawa's Yakety Yak. They are by Mybackens Lovisa.

--When eyetested at 7 weeks they was all free CEA.

Above: Three litter sisters bred at Kathimer Shelties (by N Fin Ch Kelroe's Fabolous Attention): K.Bridget Jones "Mira", K.Britney Spears "Anna" and K.Barbara Streisand "Lizzy" at 7 weeks (it was also two nice sable dogs in the litter).
Results at puppy shows: "Lizzy" BOB 3BIG (16.6) and BOB 4BIG (17.6)  and "Mira" BOB 3BIS (16.6).
Above right: "Anna" at 4 months got BOB 3BIG at Puppy Show. 
Below from left: Kathimer's Barbara Streisand and Kathimer's Britney Spears (July 2007) 

Leeland New Deal (ex Leeland Online With Charm)
Klick on photo and you follow him from 8 weeks

Shelteam Sharp Shooter - 5 weeks -
from Flynn's first litter in Sweden.
Breeder Lotta Jidegren - Shelteam Shelties