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 Shelridge Starmaker "Paris"

Photo'09 by Sofie Wollbraaten


Photo'09 by Sofie Wollbraaten

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Born 04.04'02. Line BB. Family 6. 37 cm. Breeder: Christine Aaron, England.
Owners: Aud Jorun and Helge Lie,Norway. Imp from England 7th June 2003
Eyetested clear CEA as a puppy (the whole litter was clear) 21.05.2002
eye examined clear PRA 29.12.03 and 25.01.06 and 24.01.07 and 30.01.08 and 25.02.2009 and 17.02.2010
and 23.03.2011 and 16.04.2012. 
May 2003: Free of hip dysplasia.  Full dentition.
Ck (CC-quality) a lot of times at Shows.

"Paris" have sired these CC-winner:
1) Sunnangårdens Moe (ex Seamoor Melanie C) CC 03.09.06 and 09.09.06
2) N Ch NV07 Leeland Queen In Starshine (ex Leeland Online With Charm, CC) 
3) GB Ch Nord Ch Leeland Queen Of Art (litter sister to Ch L Queen In Starshine)
DK Ch 19.03.11 and S Ch 10.12.11
4) Leeland Quarterback (litter brother to Ch Queen In Starshine and Ch Queen Of Art) CC 29.12.07 and 07.11.09
N DK Ch Tiakaro's Freya Dark Jewel (exTiakaro's Aglaia Dark Jewel) CC 29.08.09, CC 27.11.10 (Denmark), CC 08.07.12, CC26.08.12 and 19.06.16.
6) Sheltifarmen's Cindy (ex Sheltibo's Hot Feeling) CC 29.05.11 and 11.06.11 and 19.06.11
7) Leeland Copper Coin (ex Leeland Orange And Lemons) CC 06.11.11
8) Leeland Sailor (ex Leeland Orange And Lemons) CC 02.11.2014
9) Artigtitten Første Kiara (ex Sunborn Quantas Ql Og Artig) CC 05.11.2016 and 06.08.2017
10) Leeland Fairytale (ex N Ch Leeland Unicue Charm) CC 26.05.2018 and 27.05.2018

Leeland Quarterback "Trico"

Photo by Eva Tønnessen

Click here for Trico's pedigree (stamtavle)    Offspring (avkom)

"Trico" is son of  Shelridge Starmaker ex Leeland Online With Charm CC-winner
(N Ch NV96'98'02 Kindergate the Joker ex N Ch Stornaway Sunlit Rose)
Born 24.07.2005.  Hight 38,5 cm.
"Trico" was put to sleep (cancer) 19.12.2016

Eyetested clear CEA as a puppy.
Clear of PRA: 13.06.2007, 18.06.2008, 25.06.2009, 15.06.2010, 21.06.2011, 28.06.2012, 17.06.2013 and 28.04.2015. 
05.06.2007: Free of hip dysplasia HD.  Full dentition.

Trico got CC at NDK 29.12.2007 and at NDK 07.11.09.
He is litter brother to GB Ch Nord Ch Leeland Queen of Art and N Ch NV07 Leeland Queen In Starshine
Trico's owner is Monica Prøis Bergli.
More show results at Show News

CC winning children:
Shari Pat's Up To Date blue merle (ex Shari Pat's Silvery Moonlight) CC  12.11.2011 + 21.06.2014 + 22.06.2014
2) Rambantina's Caro sable (ex Crony's Gem Of Gold) CC  23.06.2012 + CC 08.09.2012

3) La-Min-So's Count On Me blue merle (ex La-Min-So's Sweet Lady) CC  26.08.2012 + CC 21.10.12 + CC 03.08.2013