5 Generations Leeland bred champions

This page is created for the memory of our GB Import 1972: Sumburgh Lulubelle (link to her page) "Lullie" as we called her -  she owned us from the very first moment.  We bought her from Rosemary Morewood kennel Sumburgh up in Carlisle august 1972.

Lullie was a most charming Sheltie - she know how to get her will - and when I not agreed with her she only smiled to me showing all her teeth and waging her tail !  I adored her !

Lullie never carried a big coat but her charm made the judges forgave her.  She became an Int. and Nordic Champion !
From her three litters 4 became CC winners and one of these became N S Ch Leeland Delicious Dawn (sire Int Nord Ch Heathlow Martext of Lythwood) his litter sister Leeland Day Dream got a  CC and 4 times ck. 
(Photo on the left shows her as a 7 weeks puppy in our son Dag Christers arms)

In Lullie's next litter to Int Nord Ch Lysebourne Double Up we kept a bitch Leeland Gold-dust - she got one CC and 4 times ck. In 1978 she became the mother of 4 puppies (sire: Int Nord Ch Heathlow Martext of Lythwood) and two of these became CC winners: Leeland Golden Lullaby (2xCC) and N SF Ch Leeland Golden Lulubelle (photo on the right)  that we kept.

In Ch L Golden Lulubelle's first litter (by Int Nord Uch NordV84 Mondurle's Bannock) we keept the bitch Leeland Golden Gate and she became a Champion in 1985.

Ch Leeland Golden Gate (photo on the right) became mother of N Ch Leeland Golden Bee (photo on the right) and the sire was Ch Lythwood Stiletto.

Ch Leeland Golde Bee (photo on the right) only had one litter and a bitch from this litter became a champion - the 4.th Leeland bred champion bitches: N Ch Leeland Golden Art (Sire N Ch Stationhill Speculator) - the photo on the right show her when she was 10 months so she lather on carried some more coat !

Ch Leeland Golden Art became the mother of a CC winning daughter Leeland Golden Cover (sire N Ch NV95 Marklin Wild Jazz)  but Golden Art also is the mother of the N Ch Leeland the Golden Viking (sire: N Ch NV96'98'02 Kindergate the Joker) ....so Ch Leeland the Golden Viking is the 5.th Generation Leeland bred champion Shelties.

Ch Leeland the Golden Viking
in front of our cabin
out in the forrest


The 5th Generation Leeland bred champion:
Ch Leeland the Golden Viking,
sire of the dual CC winner
Leeland Xmas Cracker and the sable bitch Leeland Peace Rose who won a CC 2006.

GB imp 1972
Int Nord Ch Sumburgh Lulubelle
   Leeland Gold-dust (s) CC-winner, born 1975

  N SF Ch Leeland Golden Lulubelle, born 1978

  N Ch Leeland Golden Gate, born1981

  N Ch Leeland Golden Bee, born 1986

N Ch Leeland Golden Art, born 1990

  N Ch Leeland the Golden Viking, born 1996

5 Generation Leeland bred Champions -
the oldest Ch Leeland Golden Lulubelle was a grand daughter of Ch Sumburgh Lulubelle imported from GB in 1972.

N Ch Leeland
the Golden Viking
(s) dog
born 1996

GB imp
N Ch NV96'98'02
Kindergate the Joker
Mac Duffle
Edglonian Minstrel Boy
of Newspring
GB Ch Riverhill Ricotta  (s)

Patchford Poppet
of Edglonian
of Kindergate
Nitelife Rothschild

Isla of the Sles

Inspiration (s)
 GB Ch Lythwood
Sky Master
Sandpiper of Sharval

Lythwood Snaffey (s)

Ingleside Untrique GB Ch
Lythwood Spruce

Golden Galaxy
of Ingleside

N Ch Leeland Golden Art
GB imp
N Ch Stationhill Speculator
Scylla So Blessed
at Felthorn (s)
Felthorn Beachcomber

Scylla Star Hazel

Stationhill Sweet'N'Special (s) GB Ch
Dippersmoor Diester

Stationhill Hit-N-Miss

N Ch Leeland
Golden Bee
GB imp
N S Ch
Lythwood Stiletto
Snabswood Slainthe

Lythwood Sarah Jane

N Ch Leeland
Golden Gate
GB imp
Int Nord Ch NordV84
Mondurle's Bannock

N SF Ch Leeland
Golden Lulubelle