Shelridge Shiraz "Kevin"

(Photo Sofie Wollbraaten - "Kevin" - October 2014)
Excellent at his first show in Norway 01.11.14
Excellent with Ck at his second Show in Norway 29.11.14
Excellent, Ck, CC and Best Dog, BOB in Norway 07.03.15
Excellent, Ck, CC and 2Best Dog, in Norway 08.03.15

"Kevin" was shown at
Crufts 6.March 2014
He was placed
res. in Special Puppy Dog

It was 16 entered in this class

Photo at 10 months

Born 12.04'13. Line BB. Family 9. 38,5 cm.

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Breeder: Christine Aaron, England. Owners: Aud Jorun and Helge Lie,Norway.
Imp from England 9th March 2014
Eyetested clear CEA as a puppy (the whole litter was clear) 22.06.2013
Eyetested Clear CEA 23.05.2014 in Norway by Vet Katarina Storli, LÝrenskog Dyreklinikk
15.07.2014: Free of hip dysplasia HD (Result: A).  Full dentition.

No offsprings.