We got a letter from Norsk Kennel Klub dated 1.November 2011 telling that Norsk Kennel Klubs Board had awarded
NKKs Breeder Prize 2011 to Kennel Leeland for their breeding of Shetland Sheepdog.

Photo: Dag Rognlien Stenberg.Taken from the local newspaper “Lørenskog Posten” 24.11.11:
On Dogs
4ALL Show this weekend the Prize will be given to Aud Jorun and Helge Lie for a place in their home  - if there is room for more.

Aud Jorun and Helge have a house full of trophies, ribbons and a lot of prizes they have received at numerous dog shows since 1971. Helge also has a wall with honors from work as a judge at dog shows, where the judging of Europe's largest show, Crufts in England, is the biggest. -We had our first litter in 1971. We looked at different breeds to begin with, but it had to be Shetland Sheepdog, says Aud Jorun.

Champions and puppies
At home in Blåkollen both Paris, Toya and Flynn are running around
in the living room. In a separate room there is a bitch with three 14 days old puppies. The father of the puppies is British. They "only" have the first three dogs mentioned in the house, but they also have some on breeding terms by friends, and these they borrow when going to shows.
- We will not have so many dogs at home, we have after all, neighbors. But we have a large yard of 2 acres it is fenced in, so the dogs can run free in the garden, says Helge.
They have not counted how many they have bred, but 56 of their dogs have achieved certificates. A total of 31 have been champions.

Occupation and Hobby
Aud Jorun has also had dogs as a profession for 25 years as editor of Hundesport. Helge have in addition to the judging been the chairman of Nor
sk Kennel Klub for years. This weekend 26.11.11. it will be an international exhibition where Norsk Kennel Klub will hand out NKK Breeder Prize 2011.

Norsk Kennel Klub Breeder Prize 2011 was received in the finale ring Saturday, 26/11/2011
The award consists of NKK emblem dog in metal on a tree-foot, mounted on a plate engraved with the following text:

Aud Jorun and Helge Lie
"Kennel Leeland"
sk Kennel Klub's Breeder Prize
for the excellent work of dog breeding

Photo from the Main Ring Saturday 26.11. where 5 breeders of different breds, received NKKs Breeder Prize 2011
The Award was handed over by the Leader of the NKK Board: Siv Sandø

(Photo: Liv Irene Nyfløt Lie)