Helge Lie, Blåkollveien 6, 1472 Fjellhamar, Norway.

From 01.09.2013 I'm from NKK appointed for the title HONOUR JUDGE

"I was authorised to give CACIB to the following breeds in Group 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 and 9" (10.03.08):  Group 1 Sheepdogs and cattledogs: All breeds Group 2 Pinscher, Schnauzer, Molosser and Sennendogs: All breeds Group 5 Spitz: All breeds Group 6 Scenthounds and related: black and tan coonhound, bloodhound, dalmatiens, otterhound, rhodesian ridgeback Group 8 Retrievers flushing dogs, water dogs: barbet, lagotto romagnolo, portugese waterdog, spanish waterdog  Group 9 Companions and Toys: kromfohrländer


Photos from some of the Shows I have judged
28.07.2013 Svenska Klubben for Ungarske Rasehunder i Ransäter
25.08.2012 Norsk Leonberger Klubb in Drammen

29.04.2012 NSSKs CC Show in Vestfold
13.08.2011 Blekinge Kennelklubbs Int Ronneby Sweden
 07.05.2011 FKK Int Tampere Finland
   29.05.2010 Buskerud Elghundklubb
 05.09.2009 Steinkjer Hundeklubb
 23.-25.05.2009 Wiesental in Germany
45th Eurodogshow 15-16.11.08 in Belgium
   Norsk Buhundklubb's utstilling 06.09.2008 in Drammen
Ireland August 2008: Monkstown Int All breed Ch Show in Dublin
Some Shows in 2005 - 2007
Some Shows in 2004
Some Shows in 2000 - 2003
Some Shows in 1998 - 1999 
Some Shows in 1993 - 1997

28.07.2013 Svenska Klubben for Ungarske Rasehunder i Ransäter - her med finalerekka Best In Show

25.08.2012 Norsk Leonberger Klubb's CC Show in Drammen where he judged dogs in Group 1 and "Drivende og Sporhunder".
Photo of Old English Sheepdog BOB CC Ch on the day and Best In Group 1:
Fin JRV11 HEJRV11 Azedagi's My Secret Adventure, owner Lene Bodal Johansen, Sweden.
(Photo: Liv Irene Nyfløt Lie)

29.04.2012 Norsk Shetland Sheepdog Klubb's CC Show in Vindfjelltunet Vestfold - where
53 adult Shelties and 11 puppies Shelties + Collies was also entered at this show
BOB BIS N Ch Joyland's Magic Ambition (Ch Rannerdale Oliver Twist ex Ch Joyland's Magic Connection) owner Gro Svandalsflona
BOS Cert
S Ch Shellrick's You May Me Luck (EE Ch FI Ch Int Nord Ch Sheldon Space Joker ex  Magganett's Follow The Best Dream) owner Anne Reider, Sweden
(Photo: Sissel Vaksvik)

13.08.2011 SKKs Int Show in Ronneby - Sweden - where 57 Shelties was entered
BOB EE Ch FI Ch Int Nord Ch Sheldon Space Joker sable (Ch Kindergate The Joker ex Ch Conspirol Space Flower) owner Kristina Lundin Andersson
S Ch Moorwood Caribbean Blue Truth blue merle (Ch Hillacre Hot To Trot - Moorwood Caribean Crystal Blue) owner Mari Johansson
(Photo: Birgitta Svarstad)

07.05.2011 FKKs Int Show in Tampere - Finland - where 81 Shelties was entered
BOB CACIB was Multi Ch Pikikuonon Brad Pitt (
Golden Rose Play With Fire ex Pikikuonon White Pepper) owner Sari Hiljanen, breeder Ssuvi Leinonen, Finland  and
BOS CACIB was Multi Ch Starbelle Morning Mist
(S Ch Shellrick Copy Right ex Chelmarsh Morning Dawn) owner/breeder Madeleine Lund, Sweden).
The BOB winner also won 2 BIG
(Photo: Harri Perälä)

Buskerud Elghundklubb & Buskerud Harehundklubb at Hokksund 29.05.2010
where Skinnemoens Bettan was BOB and also BIS -  breeder/owner: Leif Eidal, Prestfoss
handler was Anja Gylder Corneliussen.

Helge judged a lot of breeds at the CC Show in Steinkjer 05.09.09 here are photo of BOB and BOS Shelties
BOB Best Dog CC:  Mellsjøhgda,s  Copper Zurprize owner/breeder Sissel Tangnes and Johs Olsen
BOS Best Bitch CC: Microgården's Make A Wish  owner/breeder Ann-Cathrin Johannessen

Helge judged a lot of breeds in Wiesental Germany 23.-24.05.2009
The photo is from 7.Deutsche Sheltie Spezialausstellung 23.May
Judges: Joyce Miles (bitches) and Helge Lie (dogs)  49 Shelties entered.

The blue merle bitch Ch Borderline Country Graffiti became BOB - owner Heidi & Uli Kern Poschacher
and the sable dog
Ch Hjalte's Skereland Majestic Sound was best Dog and BOS - owner Angela Immeln


Helge judging at 45th Eurodogshow Belgium 15-16.11.2008

From left: Best Bitch and Best Dog (BOB) Shetland Sheepdog
Royal Rose vom Erkelenzer Land CAC CACIB
Ch Hjalte's Skereland Majestic Sound CAC CACIB BOB

Polski Owczarek Podhalabski (Tatra)

Old Elglish Sheepdog - best Bitch CAC CACIB and

Polsk Owczarek Nizinny

Sarplaninac - best DOG CAC CACIB BOB and
Best Bitch CAC CACIB

Shar Pei - best Bitch CAC CACIB and

Landseer E.K.T. - best Bitch CAC CACIB and

St-Bernhardshund korthaar - best Bitch CAC CACIB and

St-Bernhardshund longhaar - best Dog CAC CACIB and



Helge judging at Norsk Buhundklubbs Show in Drammen 06.09.2008


Ireland 3.August 2008: Monkstown International All Breed Ch Show in Dublin

BOB and BOS Bearded Collie

BOB and BOS Border Collie

BOB and BOS Bouvier des Flandres

BOB and BOS Collie

BOB and BOS Groendale

BOB and BOS Hungarien Puli

BOB and BOS Old English Sheepdog

BOB and BOS Tervueren

From the Sheltiering

From the Sheltiering - BOB on the left

Some photos from  2005 and 2007

Norway Autumn 2007



In June 2007 Estonia

BIS Brace Competition

Minna Manninen
with her two
blue merle roughs

A very hot summerday in Sweden June 2007

Judging BIS at NKKs int Ch Show
in Kristiansand 2005

Sweden 2007


Mid Western SSC Ch Show 2005

Some photos from 2004

Bornholm - Sweden 2004

Åland 2004 - judging dalmatiners and welsh corgi pembroke

2004 Judging BIS at a Puppy Show NKK. 

Some photos from 2000 - 2003

2002 judging best junior at NKK int Fredrikstad







  2002 NKK National Ch Show at Otta in Norway -  
   on the left judging Group 5 and above BOB and BOS shelties

Crufts 2001

Luxemburg 2002

Holland 2001

Zaragoza 2001

Bearded Collies 2000

Shetland Sheepdogs 2000


Some photos from  1998 - 1999

SKK Gällivare - June 1999

Best puppy - European Winner Show - May 1999

Collies in 1999

Amsterdam Winner 1998


Mid Western Open Show 1998, from left: BOS Ch Seavall Sheen and BOB Ch Herds The Helmsman
and resBest Dog Harribrae Harrier


Some photos from  1993 - 1997

1997 in Iceland


BOB and BOS at the European Ch Show
Copenhagen 1997

Ch Show at Morokulien 1997

BOB and BOS at the
Finnish Winner Show Helsinki 1995

Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club Ch Show 1993