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Imp 1973:
Int Nord Ch Lysebourne Double Up "Flame"
(GB Ch Mistmere Marching Orders, BB, ex Amanda of Lysebourne, fam. 24)
sable. Size 38 cm.
Born 15th February 1972. Died 1986.
Breeder: Mrs V. J. Rolls, England.
Owners: A. J. Lie/K. Andersen.

At Shows: 5xCACIB - 6xBOB - 1x4BIG.
In the NSSK's show competition "Most winning Sheltie of the year"
Flame was the winner in 1977.
10 times he got "Prize of Honour" for progeny classes.

"Flame's" pedigree:

GB ChxMistmere
Marching Orders

GB Ch Monkswood

Lysebourne Kursaal

GB Ch Riverhill Raider

GB Ch Deloraine Dilys
of Monkswood

Gold Venture
of Lysebourne

Amanda of Lysebourne

of Lysebourne

Concert Master


Lysebourne Liqueur

GB Ch Trumpeter
of Tooneytown

Loughrigg Amber

GB Ch Riverhill Ratafia

GB Ch Loughrigg Day
Festivity of Lysebourne

"Flame" sired these CC-winners:

1) Nord Ch River-Leelancer (ex Int Nord Ch Riverhill Ring of Bells)
2) N SF Ch Leeland Keep the Stage
(ex Cover Girl)
3) N SF Ch Leeland Horn-blower
(ex Cover Girl)
4) N S Ch Sheltiestar's Golden Gillyflower
(ex N Ch Morgana of Meldeva)
5) N Ch Leeland Keep Marching
(litter brother to Ch L. Keep the Stage)
6) N Ch Craytarn Lady's Double, eng imp,
(ex Craytarn Ebony Lady)
7) N Ch Judi
(ex Crony's Amber Gold)
8) N Ch Leeland Ring My Chanel
(ex Int Nord Ch Riverhill Ring of Bells)
9) N Ch Leeland Hazelnut
(ex N Ch Sumburgh Witch Hazel)
10) N Ch Sheltiestar's Kestrel
(ex N S ch Lythwood Summertime)
11) Lejk's Back To Life
(ex Ellingstone Amusement Girl) 2CC
12) Lucky Hill's Brilliant
(ex Eliza of Ellendale) CC
13) River-Queen
(litter sister to Ch River-Leelancer) 2CC
14) Leeland Ring-rebel
(ex Int Nord Ch Riverhill Ring of Bells) CC
15) Leeland Tooney Belle
(ex N Ch Leeland Liberty Belle) CC
16) Leeland Gold-dust
(ex Int Nord Ch Sumburgh Lulubelle) CC
17) Important Alex
(ex Dunhill's Happy Sheppie) CC
18) Beauty Flame
(ex Lady) CC
19) Melissa
(ex Manhems Thalita) CC
20) Petter
(ex Fauna) exported to Finland as a puppy, CC-winner.