Photo Page for Leeland Vanity Rose "Zita" born 22.Descember 2006
(by Shelridge Starmaker (ck)
ex Leeland Peace Rose, CC-winner). This page is also for Zita's litter brother and sister.
On the page "Puppies" you can follow the whole liter from birth to 8 weeks.

Leeland Vanity Rose "Zita"

Zita 12 weeks

Zita 4 months

At 7 months with Iselin & Patrik

Zita 12 weeks

Zita at 11 weeks

Zita at 9 weeks

16.02.07: "Zita" 8 weeks old

Leeland Viceroy "Prins"

23.02.07: "Prins" at 9 weeks

04.03.07: "Prins" at 10 weeks

Leeland Vanessa Rose "Tiara"

Leeland Vanessa Rose "Tiara" at 5 months - and her owners