Photo Page for "Tinka" Leeland Fairytale and her litter brothers:
"Vivo" Leeland Fairplay, "Sacco" Leeland Fame and "Csar" Leeland Faithful
born 25.04.09 (Shelridge Starmaker "Paris" ex Leeland Unique Charm "Ronja")

On the page Ronja's puppies 2009 you can follow the whole liter from birth to 8 weeks.

May 2010: Video where Leeland Faithful is playing with Leeland Night Angel (10-11 weeks)

October 2010: Leeland Fairplay

July 2011: Leeland Fairplay, Fairytale and Fame

10 months: Leeland Fairplay and Leeland Faithful

12 months: Leeland Fairplay

Leeland Faithful "Csar" 9 months
He love to play in the snow and his owner got this nice photo

9 months: Leeland Fame "Sacco" and his owner Marie
and on the right Leeland Fairytale "Tinka"

Photo taken by Fie 15.11.09 of Leeland Fairytale and Leeland Fairplay - 7 months

Photo taken 25.10.09 when they met
for a walk in the forrest -
from left Marie with Leeland Fame "Sacco"
and Helene behind Leeland Fairplay
and Leeland Fairytale

25.10.09 - 6 months: From left Leeland Fairytale "Tinka", Leeland Fame "Sacco", Leeland Fairplay "Vivo"

Leeland Fairytale "Tinka"  - photo 18.10.09 nearly 6 months - hight 33 cm

Maria with Leeland Fame Sacco and
Vemund with Leeland Fairytale
they are nearly 5 months - hight 33 and 32,5 cm

Leeland Fairplay "Vivo"
at 5 months - hight 33 and and weight 5.500 gram

31.08.09 Leeland Fairytale
Tinka 4 months 29,5cm 4100gr

Leeland Fame Sacco at 4 months, weight 4200gr

24.07.09: Leeland Fairytale Tinka 13weeks 26,5cm 2.850gr

01.08.09: "Tinka"
at 14 weeks 27,5 cm 3.150 gr

 22.07.09: 26 cm - photo of Tinka

 22.07.09: Helene with Leeland Fairytale Tinka

21.07.09: Leeland Faithful
Csar at the age of 12 weeks

11.07.09: At the age of 11 weeks Leeland Fairytale Tinka - and Julian with Leeland Fairplay Vivo & Maria with "Tinka"
"Vivo" belongs to Maria and Julian - and "Tinka" belongs to Helene and her family.

Leeland Fairytale Tinka at home where Helene traine her to stand on the table (photo 28.06)

 30.06.09: Marie with Sacco and Helene with Tinka photos taken 27.06 + Vivo (18.06)  and two photos of Csar (22.06 and 19.06)
 30.06.09: Two photos of Leeland Fairytale Tinka and two photos of Leeland Fame Sacco photos taken 27.06

23.06.09 : Tinka (Leeland Fairytale) and her brother Sacco (Leeland Fame)
(their weight at 18.06. nearly 8 weeks was: 1728 (Tinka) and 1687 (Sacco) )