Photo Page for Leeland Sweet Dreams "Kela" born 25.July 2009
(by N Ch Lythwood Scrumpy Jack ex Leeland Peace Rose, CC-winner). 
This page is also for Kela's litter brothers and sister Leeland Sweepstake In Black "Cęsar",
Leeland Sweet Candyman "Candy" and Leeland Sweet Candy "Bella".

On this link you can follow the whole litter from birth

15.07.12 Leeland Sweet Dreams "Kela" 3 years

19.09.10 Leeland Sweet Candy "Bella" one year

22.03.10 Leeland Sweet Dreams nearly 8 months together with her mum Leeland Peace Rose

Leeland Sweepstake In Black
"Sęsar" 5 months

27.12.09 Leeland Sweet Candyman
"Candy" 5 months

Leeland Sweet Candy "Bella"
nearly 8 months

15.12.09 Leeland Sweet Candy
nearly 5 months

20.12.09 Leeland Sweet Dreams
nearly 5 months

16.10.09 Leeland Sweet Dreams
nearly 12 weeks

 "Cęsar" at 8 and 9 weeks (weight at 11 weeks and 3 days: 3.200 gram)

"Kela" 11 weeks (weight at 10 weeks 2.600 gram) - hight 24.5 cm                               "Candy" at 11 weeks

Sister "Bella" 8 weeks

"Kela" 9 weeks
- weight 2.300 gram

Sister "Bella" 10 weeks

weight 2.600 gram