Album Page from 8 weeks for Leeland Sailor "Heike" and his brother Leeland Seaman "Prince"
born 24.09.2009 (Shelridge Starmaker "Paris" ex Leeland Orange And Lemons "Sanitha")
The litter can be followed to 8 weeks on Sanitha's puppies 2009-
the youngest photo on the bottom of the page ... ;-)

 06. mars 2011:  Leeland Sailor "Heike" (Fie Wollbraaten)

27. juli 2010:  Leeland Sailor "Heike" 10 måneder (Fie Wollbraaten)

22. juli 2010: Foto 18.juli på ferietur: Leeland Sailor "Heike" med eiere Anita og Lars.

20. mai 2010: Leeland Sailor "Heike" og matmor Anita viser utstillingstrening. Heike er nesten 8 måneder - høyde ca 37 cm.

05. juli 2010: Leeland Sailor "Heike" 
9 måneder - velstelt og fin.

7.mars 2010:
Leeland Sailor "Heike" 
og matmor Anita
etter deres første valpeshow
hvor det ble BIR og 2BIG.

Leeland Sailor "Heike" 3,5 months

Leeland Sailor "Heike" 4 months and his halfsister N Ch Leeland Queen Of Art "Zoe"
(Photo by Zoe's owner Fie Wollbraaten)

Leeland Sailor "Heike" from left age 8 weeks, 9 weeks and nearly three months

Påsken 2011: Leeland Seaman "Prince" i terrenget rundt hytta deres i Sunnfjord

 06.10.2010: Leeland Seaman "Prince" a year old - and nice looking......

17.mai: Leeland Seaman "Prince" - photo at 7,5 months
(hight at nearly 8 months: 37 cm).

05.july: Leeland Seaman "Prince"
at 9 months

05.july: Leeland Seaman "Prince" nice expression

Leeland Seaman "Prince" 6 months and one week.  On the right: Together with Lassie the Collie in his home.

Leeland Seaman "Prince" 5 months and one week

Leeland Seaman "Prince" nearly 5 months

Leeland Seaman "Prince" 4 months

Leeland Seaman "Prince" 3,5 months and showing he have the instinkt to be a SHEEPDOG

Leeland Seaman "Prince" 3 months (12 weeks) playing in the first snow in Bergen ;-)

Leeland Seaman "Prince" from left age 8 weeks, 9 weeks and nearly three months