Photo Page for Leeland Copper Coin "Copper" born 02.08. 2008 - here is his PEDIGREE
On the page "Puppies 2008" you can follow "Copper" and his brother "Chadow" from birth to 8 weeks.
He is a son of Shelridge Starmaker (ck) ex Leeland Orange And Lemons
Eyetested FRI from CEA at 7 1/2 week

Leeland Copper Coin - the photos was taken in Bergen by Jostein Tostrup. 10.04.11

Summer 2009
Leeland Copper Shadow
(Copper Coin's brother)
living friendly with the
cat in the family

Photo taken at a NKK Show in Drammen 2009. (Photo by Sofie Wollbraaten)

 03.06.09: Copper 10 months - hight 38 cm (the photo with the red frame is linked to a new photo)

 03.05.09: Copper 9 months: hight 37,5 cm

  10.04.09: Copper 8 months: hight 37,5 cm

03.03.09: Copper 7 months: hight 37,5 cm

Copper at 5 months: hight 35 cm

26.01.09: Copper 6 months: hight 37 cm (14 1/2 inches)

13.12.08: Copper at 4 months 11 days: hight 33,5 cm

18.11.08: Copper at 15 weeks 3 days: hight 31 cm

* * * His hight at 13 weeks (3 months) was 28 cm * * *

29.10.08: The first snow is here - Copper find it very interesting and push small "snowballs" with his nose :-)

The two photos above from left: 11 weeks and 4 days.       On the right 25.10.08: Copper at 12 weeks hight 27 cm 3.500 gram

 From left *11.10.08: Copper 10 weeks hight 25cm
(1 inch = 2,54 cm) *14.10: 10 weeks and 3 days * 18.10: 11 weeks hight 26cm 3.230 gram

04.10.08: Copper is like his sire as they both love to get a plase in the best chair together with dad or mum.
Here he is 9 weeks - weight 2450 gram - hight 24 cm.

30.09.08: "Copper" after playing on our very wet lawn he stood a "quarter of a second" so Fie Wollbraaten got this photo from distance

30.09: 8 weeks 3 days
weight: 2 275 gram, hight 23,5 cm

30.09: he is an active
little guy

The Pedigree of Leeland Copper Coin
Both puppies in this litter was Eyetested at 7 1/2 week Free of CEA


Shelridge Starmaker (s)
37 cm   -   HD Free (A)
Imp from England
Eyetested free CEA as a puppy
Eyetested for PRA every year and FREE

Blenmerrow Barnaby (t)
link to his breeders web page
Shelridges Socrates (s) breeder/owners web page
Blenmerrow Belinda
GB Ch Shelridge Sunshimmer JW (s)
link to her breeders web page
GB Ch Shelridge Summerspell (s)
link breeder/owners web page
Shelridge Hope Springs at Nutbox
Orange And Lemons
36 cm
Eyetested as a puppy results:
CRD = slightly CEA
N Ch NV96'98'02
Kindergate the Joker
37 cm   -   HD Free (A)   Imp from England
Eyetested free CEA as a puppy
Eyetested for PRA every year and FREE

N Ch Stornaway Sunlit Rose (s)
36 cm -  Imp from England
Eyetested free CEA as a puppy

Kindergate Mac Duffle (s)
Ingleside Inspiration (s)
Shelridges Socrates (s) breeder/owners web page
Stornaway Sunshine (s)