Valpene ble født 31.august 2020 Puppies born 31.August 2020
Mother: Leeland Lady Of The Manor "Arja" (2xcert)
Father: CIB N DK SE FI Nord UCh DKV18 ATW19 EUW19 NV19 DKV19 NV20 Lundecock's Coconut

On this link you can follow the litter from birth and up to 8 weeks

Here are photos from they was 8 weeks

Leeland Adele "Saga"
Medeier: Kari Bonnevie

Leeland Arianna "Vilje" 
Eier: Eline Rafteseth

Leeland Angelica "Lykke"
Eier: Tove Drågen