Helene with Falki


Photo Page from 8 weeks
for Leeland Very True "
and Leeland Very Well "

born 21th October 2012
(by S N UCh Shellrick's You May Me Luck ex Leeland Fayrtale resCert).

On the page "Puppies 2012" you can follow
the whole liter from birth to 8 weeks.


Ole-Martin with Shira


Leeland Very True "Falki" f.o.m. 8 uker
Owner: Helene Heltberg

"Falki" in 2014

Helene is showing Falki at a
Puppy-Show in Morokulien
25.May 2013

The Judges wrote about him: Good outline, good head with great comfit (?) motion. Beautiful ears - well used - perfectly placed. Good reach of neck, good body, sufficient bone, well angulated. Very expressive Puppy. At the moment only find 1 testicle.
1 - 2BHK

21.04.13: Falki is 6 months and 37 cm. Helene is training him to stand on the table

13.02.2013: Helene with Falki nearly 5 months,hight 35,5cm. Falki also show us how to stand and show very good ;-)

Photo taken in February 2013 - Falki love the snow !

From left: Photo taken in December 2012 and the next was taken in January 2013

From left: With Helenes mother Bjørg in his new home. The other photo was taken by Aud Jorun
just before leaving for his new home - as shown: It is Christmas Time.






Leeland Very Well "Shira" f.o.m. 8 uker
Aud Jorun Lie & Unn-Mette Andersen

"Shira" in 2014

21.04.13: Shira is 6 months and 35 cm

21.03.2013: Shira at 5 months - hight 34,5 cm

21.02.2013: Shira at 4 months - hight 31,5 cm

Shira is 14,5 weeks

12 weeks on these three photos

Abouth 8 weeks still living by breeder - as shown: It is Christmas Time :-)