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Copyright Aud Jorun Lie - Leeland Shetland Sheepdog

  Family 25 All names on the Family Charts are bitches except for those in the end of some of the branches marked with M after its name and colour - they are Dogs (Male).
Names on the Chart marked in
read = an English exported Sheltie.

It is only one bitch exported from England - on Family 25 - who have CC and also a CC winning son in Norway:
Nakarlee Blue Moon of Ingramoy (GB to N)

Only one CC winning Norwegian owned English exported Dog Rambler of Shemaur belongs to Family 25.

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Brenda of Thule (unregistered)
Tessa of Thule (unregistered)
Hjartland Lass
The Birches Queen
Maid of Morven
Birches Joy
Lass of Kintore
Little Mo Mo
Cindy of Birches
Lassie of Angus
Kim of Arnhall
Selena of Kyleburn
Kyleburn Rosalinda s
Rosie from Stationhill t
Stationhill Spanish Eyes t
Rambler of Shemaur
s M
(GB to N'88)
Nakarlee Blue Romance bm
Nakarlee Blue Moon of Ingramoy
bm (GB to N)
Karmell's Thor With The Hammer bm M

Shelties in the Index below belongs to Family 25 and can be found on the Chart above

Heavily marked names = the dog is a CC winner.

Angus, Lassie of
Arnhall, Kim of

Birches, Cindy of
Birches Joy

Hjartland Lass

Ingramoy, Nakarlee Blue Moon of

Karmell's Thor With The Hammer
Kintore, Lass of
Kyleburn Rosalinda
Kyleburn, Selena of

Little Mo Mo

Morven, Maid of

Nakarlee Blue Romance

Shemaur, Rambler of
Stationhill, Rosie from
Stationhill Spanish Eyes

The Birches Queen
Thule, Brenda of
Thule, Tessa of


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