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Index FAMILY 24 Copyright Aud Jorun Lie - Leeland Shetland Sheepdog

Shelties in the Index below belongs to Family 24 and can be found on the Chart (link on top of this page).

Heavily marked names = the dog is a CC winner.

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Anitra Cleopatra Whitefoot

Beautypark, Dolores of
Beautypark, Kiss Me Cate of
Bermarks Fantasia
Bermarks Honeydew
Bermarks Mimosa

Cameliard, Iseult of
Chang The Champ

Checkley, Lora of

Deldrac Anemone
Diane Dolores Whitefoot
Dippersmoor, Allensway'Bitta'Sweet at
Dippersmoor Daybreak
Dippersmoor Daydream
Dippersmoor China Doll
Dippersmoor Dotty
Dippersmoor Dusky Flyer
Dolly (owner Kjølstad)

Ellingstone Irene, Ch
Ellingstone Special Treat
Ellingstone Swinging Kilt
Ellington Endless Folly, Ch

Francehill Miss Monroe
Franwick Sweet Sal
Franwick, Whizz Kid of

Gordon Bell Sunrise
Grimstoy, Lucky of

Hartmere, Franwick Saracen at, Ch
Haycroft, Little Lady Jane of
Hazeldale Faithfull
Hazelyn, Andromeda of
Hazelyn, Happy Heather of
Hazelyn, War Path of

Jarina Raja
Jefsfire, Dippersmoor Debutant of
Joymichael Fair Gazelle
Joymichael Say Suzannah
Joymichael Spring Vision

Kelgrove Ain't I A Card
Kelgrove Black Rhapsody
Kelgrove Blue Fantasy
Kelgrove Blue Rhapsody
Kelgrove Enchanting Melody
Kelgrove Kamilla
Kelgrove Wanda to Marnham
Kyles of Bute Maybelle

Lady (owner Kvan)
Lady Cinderella
Larksbay Linn
Larksbay Princess Mee
Lochland, Clarinda of
Lochland, Mavis of
Lochland, Vickie of
Loclie Star's A'ramis Son Of A Gun
Loclie Star's Sunblest Fleur Dream
Loclie Star's Tri Bob Son Of A Gun, Ch
Loughrigg Kersey, Ch
Loughrigg, Larksbay Calliope of
Lysebourne, Amanda of
Lysebourne Double Up, Ch
Lysebourne Liqueur
Lysebourne, Loughrigg Day Festivity of, Ch

Marnham Montanner, Ch
Marnie of White Rains
Marshdyke Belle
Marshdyke Pansy
Marshdyke Night Shade
Merrymaid Moonlight Madonna, Ch
Moorwood Bright Taffeta
Moorwood Bright Tiffany, Ch
Moorwood Harvest Marauder, Ch
Moorwood Handsome Frontrunner, Ch
Moorwood Maid Of Honour
Moorwood Moor Maiden, Ch
Moorwood My Mascot,
Moorwood Sandy Shoes
Moorwood Stylish Maiden, Ch
Moorwood Suave Moon, Ch
Moorwood Sunblest Dream
Moorwood Sunblest Rosalie, Ch


Nutbush, Golden Velvet of

Radash Genevive
Radash, Golden Girl of
Rajo's Jarina Punky
Rhinog Bumble
Rhinog Dark Enchanter
Rhinog Enchanting
Rhinog Enchantment
Rhinog Enchantress
Rhinog Fantasia
Rhinog Flame Sprite
Riverhill Raillery
Riverhill Remarkable
Riverhill Respectable, Ch
Riverhill Reticent
Riverhill Righteous
Riverhill Rock Rose
Riverhill Roguish
Riverhill Rollicking
Riverhill Rosabel
Riverhill Rosamund
Riverhill Roseate
Riverhill Rose Leaf
Riverhill Roselet
Riverhill Rose Marie
Riverhill Rosetta
Riverhill Rosette
Riverhill Rosolio
Riverhill Roubasse
Riverhill Rowdy
Riverhill Rugosa, Ch
Riverhill Rune
Riverhill Russett

Scotty (owner Sandaker)
Sheep, Ch
Shiel's Riverhill Riotous
Shiel's Riverhill Rosita
Shiel, Sequin from
Shiel, Silvershimmer from
Starbelle Serenata
Starbelle Serene Solitude, Ch
Starbelle Sophisticated Sophy
Stillmerri Skye Blue
Skippool Queen

Tooneytown, Faraway of
Tooneytown, Christie of, Ch
Toplid's Angel Miss Shanty
Toplid's Bessie
Toplid's Call Me Misty, Ch
Toplid's Charmie
Toyboy's Topsy Joy
Treales Ramona

Veryan, Blue Swan of

Waverdene, Hermione of
Wellbourns Dear Tenderry


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