Lythwood Shetland Sheepdogs
Our guiding star and highest aim have been to be honest to the Breed
Derek and Phyllis Rigby - British sheltie owners/breeders  1959 - July 2018

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Behind from left: Ch L Sacha JW (Ch 2006),  L Saga (Ch 1980), L Spruce (Ch 1981) and
L Scrabble (Ch 1986).   In the first row from left: L Steptoe (Ch 1991), L Scooby Doo (Ch 2010),
L Brandy Snap (Ch 1973),  L Shalako (Ch 2002)

(Photo montage 13.10.2010 made by Aud Jorun Lie - copyright)


Best In Show bitch CC Lythwood Sweetheart
Best Dog, CC and Champion on that day
Lythwood Secret Dealer
our 36th bred UK Champion
(Photo by Lana)

Breeder/owner of 8 generation champion Dogs (Photo montage above)
Our first Champion Lythwood Brandy Snap gained his title in 1973. We made up our 36th Lythwood Champion in 2017

Ch Lythwood Sharp Shooter
got the title at WKS 2009

Ch Lythwood Secret Dealer
36th Lythwood Champion

Ch Lythwood Sculptress
35th Lythwood Champion

Lythwood Salopian
CC in Wales 20.04.2013
in Paignton 05.08.2013

Ch Lythwood Shara
got the third CC
at Manchester 16.01.2016


Ch Lythwood Sacha
got the title at MWSSC 2006

Ch Lythwood Scooby Doo
10.10.10: the 8 generation
Lythwood bred/owned Ch Dog

Ch Lythwood Starlight Express
30.10.11: the 8 generation
Lythwood bred/owned Ch Dog



Photo on the right
Our 34rd
Lythwood Champion